Your success story

At Concord CPR we know that you want you and your staff to be prepared for a medical emergency. In order to do that, you need to have the appropriate training. The problem is how do you know where and how to get it which makes you feel unsure. We believe that everyone should be empowered to save the day in an emergency to make the world a better place. We understand that many trainings are boring, time consuming, and costly ending in a poor outcome. Which is why we make it easy, engaging and budget friendly.

Here’s how we do it. First, we discover your needs. Second, we sign you and your employees up for engaging online training. Finally, we hold an enjoyable in-person and on-location skill session. That’s where you get all your questions answered and practice actual skills. So start learning, and in the meantime we provide a free training newsletter that anyone will benefit from.

We train you as if you were going to take care of our friends & family.

Start Learning