Image of healthcare providers using BLS on a manikin.
  • Duration:4-6 Hours
  • Cost:$75

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Healthcare Provider

The goal of the healthcare provider program is to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide basic life support in a medical emergency until more advanced help is available.

The techniques you practice will cover adult, child, and infant skills in rescue breathing, 1 person CPR, 2 person CPR, conscious choking, un- conscious choking, AED, and bag valve mask usage.

Learning Objectives

Introductory CPR Training
  • Welcome
  • Latest Guideline Updates
  • The Five Fears of CPR Rescue
  • Accessing EMS with Technology
Medical Emergencies
  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
Universal Precautions
  • Universal Precautions in the Workplace
  • Hand washing
Respiratory Arrest Training
  • Adult, Child, Infant Rescue Breathing
  • Opioid Overdose
Cardiac Arrest Training
  • Adult, Child, Infant, Neonatal CPR
  • Hands-Only CPR
  • AED Training
  • Spinal Injury
Multiple Rescuer Skills
  • Bag Valve Mask
  • 2-Rescuer CPR & AED
  • CPR Team Approach
  • Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Conscious)
  • Adult, Child, Infant Choking (Unconscious)
Bleeding Control
  • Arterial Bleeding
  • Shock

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